12-12-2010: The Sunday Mail Australia

Market for home-based steroid diagnostic test among parents worried about their teens.

Jackie Sinnerton, The Sunday Mail (Qld) December 12, 2010

AN EXPLOSION of anabolic steroid use. among teenage boys has opened up a new market for worried parents wanting to find out whether their children are using the drugs.

A home-based steroid diagnostic test costing $200 is due to be launched in Australia next week amid claims as many as one in 20 Queensland high school students have taken steroids to keep up with the growing craze of looking buffed.

The steroid detector has been developed by the same US-based company that launched the popular HairConfirm which probes for cocaine, marijuana and other drugs.

“Steroid abuse was once only linked to top professional athletes but the high school demographic is an exploding area of concern,” said Rob Durney of Camtek Surveillance in Australia, distributors of the $200 one-off urine test.

Jason Woodforth, Queensland president of the International Natural Bodybuilders Association, believes that as many as one in 20 high school students have dabbled in anabolic steroids in their quest for “overnight muscles”.

“Teenage boys have become more focused on body image and we have had a record number of under-19 competitors in the 2010 Queensland titles,” he said.

“Boys want to look good. But our competitors do it the clean way.

“We have regular steroid tests and our guys are clean.

“You can tell that they are because they are healthy-looking, fit young men.

“They are in the gym consistently, they eat good quality, high-protein diets and supplement their bodies the right way.”

Youths on steroids can get five years of muscle growth in 12 weeks with no change in physical activity or diet, Mr Woodforth claims.

“That kind of accelerated growth and messing with testosterone levels is extremely dangerous and the problem is that it seems to be relatively easy for them to get the performance-enhancers on the black market,” he said.

The risks are greater for youths due to the fact that their bodies are not yet fully developed and hormone levels are already unbalanced.

SteroidConfirm steroid diagnostic test. the urine samples at their headquarters in San Diego in the US and results are available on a secure online portal.

Mr Durney said the Gold Coast was the top region for sales of the HairConfirm product.

He said that diluted urine from a toilet could still be used as a sample.

AMA Queensland president Dr Gino Pecoraro insisted that the first port of call for anxious parents should be their GP.

“Keep lines of communication open with teenagers and get advice from your doctor if your child shows signs of mood swings, they seem withdrawn from their social network or show any major changes,” he said.

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