Who Uses Steroids & Why?

Steroids have no doubt, proved their medicinal worth over a period of time; however, they have also been notoriously abused for their muscle building attributes. Consequently, they have, since long, been put to an auxiliary use for increasing the muscular mass and physical strength, particularly by people involved in different sports and bodybuilding. Steroids have been used to satiate the cravings to achieve brawniness for reasons other than gaining an edge in athletic competitions, and that includes various forms of social and emotional pressures that have been discussed in the following article.

Various steroid user groups may include, but are not limited to:

– Soccer, baseball & Cricket players, swimmers, and Track-field athletes or in other words, the players of sports that demand strength and endurance, use steroids to attain a competitive edge or to assist in recovery from injury.

– Wrestlers & Bodybuilders, that is to say, the people who need size & muscularity, use steroids in the form of performance-enhancing supplements to gain an edge.

– Patients of various medical conditions like muscular wasting, osteoporosis etc.

– People interested in building and developing their muscles and that includes in-secure females who either stay alone and/or are victims of rape or attempted rape or young lasses who think they are too skinny to be of likes of mesomorphic dandies!

– Some crackpots who wish to undergo sex-reversal!

Steroid User; he ain’t no different!

Various reports indicate that steroid users are no different than most of the middle-class men and women who belong to mean lower and upper age limit of 13 to 33 years respectively. Most of these people, around 80 percent, are not involved in competitive sports like bodybuilding or athletics & tend to use steroids for a diverse array of reasons ranging from various forms of social & emotional pressures to cosmetic purposes. Surprisingly, it has been indicated by various questionnaire based surveys that anabolic steroid users, often stereotyped as unaware jugheads, tend to research the drugs they are taking more than any other group of users of controlled substances!

Medical Uses of Steroids:

For decades, steroids have been widely used for a diverse array of medicinal & therapeutical purposes. They have been used to promote bone growth, induce male puberty, and in the treatment of chronic wasting conditions, such as cancer and AIDS. Various sex-reversal therapies are based on changing male/female hormonal profiles and as hormones are frequently one or the other types of steroids, synthetic steroids also find their way in sex-change clinics. They are also used for treating delayed puberty; some types of impotence, anemia; & osteoporosis (brittle bones in old men & menopausal women).

Steroids are quite capable of improving your built and stamina as well as re-sketching your hormonal equilibrium which may have far reaching negative implications. However, an intelligent and responsible use of steroids, in consultation with your physician, can prove to be a safer and an effective way to develop muscularity and endurance.

**This article is NEITHER meant to be an alternative to professional healthcare consultation NOR as a guide to self medication


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